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Mastering Customer Surveys in 5 Easy Steps

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Thanks to the Internet, nowadays you have the opportunity to reach customers around the globe. However, you no longer have direct contact with them. You can no longer look them in the eye.

You can't see if they are happy about their purchase.
You don't see if they are smiling or annoyed.

Were they satisfied? Do they like your products? Do they feel welcome? Do they trust you as a vendor/provider? Or do you have some catching up to do?

What if you had clear, honest answers to these questions and many more?

How would that affect your product selection, your advertising strategies, and the direction of your business?
Could this bring you more customers, more sales, more self-confidence, and a decisive edge over the competition?
Could you accomplish much more in any way if you had real profitable information?

The answer is yes!

How do you get that information?
You ask those who can give you this information: your customers.

But anyone can do customer surveys; that's no secret now, is it?
That's right. But does everyone get the answers they really want? Even more: does everyone know what they really want to know? And even more important: can everyone name a realizable goal they want to achieve with this newly acquired knowledge?

How does your course help me?

Customers are rarely easy.

You can shove a customer survey in their face, but that doesn't mean they'll
a) fill it out at all, and
b) are honest when answering the questions.

That is something that many survey creators forget. We're all human: fickle and emotionally driven.

In this course, I share with you my experience with customer surveys in relation to human behaviors and emotions. How do I get customers to open up to me and volunteer to tell me about their experiences?

You will learn:

  • Under which conditions customer surveys are useful.
  • What types of customer surveys you can use, what do they look like in the first place and what they are useful for.
  • How you find and categorize customer data, identify and isolate problems.
  • How you find out what moves you forward, clearly define your goal, and find the direct path to get there.
  • How you find the right, goal-oriented questions for your survey and
    how you put them into a form that forces honest answers.
  • How emotions and fears play a role, and how you deal with them. 
  • What tips and tricks you can use to maximize the success of your survey.
  • Which tools can help you with survey creation.

All this is sorted thematically in 5 steps, so you can easily go one by one.
How fast is up to you: you can finish in less than five days or you can take the time to fully "dive" into the examples. You can find the table of contents above in the second cover image.

How does the course help me beyond that?

You will get a guideline that you can use further on. I invite you to join in: we will work out examples together during the course so you can see how you go about it.

🎁 Bonus:

You get a reusable checklist: avoid pitfalls and review good practice implementation.
The checklist is available in two versions:

  • as Google Sheet, also printable
  • as Notion Template.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who wants to conduct customer surveys themselves to drive their business forward and gain confidence to take the necessary steps.
The course is for those who have not paid enough attention to the emotional side of people - customers - and now want to change this.

It is irrelevant whether you have already created a customer survey yourself or if this is entirely new to you. I have included practical and comprehensible examples for all topics and questions to show you how to classify situations.

Who is this course NOT for?

For those who don't want to learn anything more about their customers.
It is also not for those who are too lazy to follow along to learn the process themselves. Nor is it for those who basically don't care how customers feel about their experiences with the company/entrepreneur.

Why should I trust you?

I've been working as a solopreneur for over 15 years, primarily with corporate clients but also with direct clients. I work with them to develop cross-media concepts that help them target their customers, and establish, facilitate and maintain communication.

Since additionally specializing in the area of user experience in 2021, I have conducted group coaching sessions on the topic of customer surveys. In addition, I have provided individual support to quite a few - often small - entrepreneurs on how to build goal-oriented customer surveys, even for sensitive topics.

Sensitive topics are my specialty, as I am a highly sensitive person (--> HSP). My sensitive perceptive gift and empathetic intuition enable me to empathize with people and situations. This opens up completely new perspectives and broadens my field of vision considerably.

This characteristic makes all kinds of communication very exciting for me: with friends, family, strangers, and even customers.

But communication only works if we pay attention to how we communicate with each other.
That's what customer surveys are all about.

✅ No risk for you!

If you don't think the course was worth your money, I'll give you a full refund!
Contact me within 30 days from the date of purchase.
You don't need to justify anything.
However, I would be happy if you tell me what you didn't like. I am also interested in the opinion of my customers so that I can improve too. :)

💡 Decide for yourself!

Get ahead of the competition: get real and honest opinions from your customers. Find out what they want, think, and feel

Always remember: your customers bring in the money, no one else! And only they can tell you what they want and what they don't.

Are you passing up the opportunity to improve your business, or are you listening to your customers?

Take the chance and hit that "I want this!" button on the top right!

A German version is now available! / Eine deutsche Version ist jetzt verfügbar!

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Mastering Customer Surveys in 5 Easy Steps

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